Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cyber Forensics Trends And Developments In India 2014-Part 1

Cyber forensics is an upcoming field in India and Indian legal and judicial system has to adapt itself according to the same. Till now cyber forensics is not widely and appropriately used by the law enforcement agencies, lawyers, judges, etc in India. As a result most of the cyber criminals are either not prosecuted at all or they are acquitted in the absence of adequate evidence.

Cyber forensics cannot be used in isolation and allied fields like cyber law, cyber security, e-discovery, digital evidence, cyber crime investigations, etc are also applicable in a majority of cases. Perry4Law and Perry4Law’s Techno Legal Base (PTLB) have already covered the Cyber Law Trends and Developments of India 2013 (PDF), Cyber Security Trends and Developments in India 2013 (PDF) Cyber Forensics Trends and Developments in India 2013 (PDF).

This is the interim cyber forensics trends of 2014 by Perry4Law and PTLB and we would come up with the complete and annual trend and development analysis subsequently. To start with there is urgent need to ensure cyber forensics skills development of police force, prosecution lawyers and judges in India.  Further, modernisation of police force of India urgently needed.

There have been incidences in India where the law enforcement agencies of India have not conducted proper e-discovery and cyber forensics exercises. This has made their cases weak and the accused may escape the punishment. Some of the present cases where effective cyber forensics could have been used are E-Bay’s cyber breach case, enforcement directorate’s Bitcoins investigation case, Aarushi’s murder case by CBI, IPL match fixing case, Nokia’s software download case, etc. The list is just expanding as cases of improper cyber forensics investigations are in abundance in India.

Clearly the Indian approach towards cyber forensics is not upto the mark and there is an urgent need to change this mentality. The concerned stakeholders must be well versed with techno legal concepts like basics of Internet protocol addresses, IP address spoofing and its defenses, IP address tracking methods and techniques for e-mails, hidden Internet cyber forensics, cloud computing cyber forensics, social media cyber forensics, audio, video and media forensics, etc.

We need to develop cyber forensics investigation solutions in India to encourage digital and scientific evidences in India. The cyber forensics best practices in India are also missing as on date and they must be formulated urgently. The regulations and guidelines for effective investigation of cyber crimes in India must also be drafted as soon as possible. While tracking the IP address in question is the first step in cyber crime investigation yet IP address should not be the sole criteria for arrest and conviction.

We at Perry4Law and PTLB believe that there is an urgent need to formulate an effective techno legal framework that can take care of techno legal issues of contemporary times. Further, colonial and constitutionally unsound laws like telegraph and cyber law must be repealed urgently and dedicated and suitable laws must be enacted for the fields of cyber law, cyber security, cyber forensics, e-discovery, etc. Presently, neither technological not legal issues pertaining to cyber forensics are taken care of by Indian government.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cyber Forensics Services In India

Cyber Forensics in India is still maturing. Further, Cyber Security in India is also at the infancy stage. Perry4Law and Perry4Law’s Techno Legal Base (PTLB) have been providing Techno Legal Cyber Forensics Services in India and abroad for long. The Cyber Forensics Services of Perry4Law and PTLB cater both Technical and Legal Aspects of Cyber Forensics.

Perry4Law is also managing a Unique and Exclusive Techno-Legal Cyber Forensics Research And Development Centre Of India (CFRDCI). It is supported by PTLB, Perry4Law Techno Legal ICT Training Centre (PTLITC) and other Techno-Legal Initiatives of Perry4Law. The aim of CFRDCI is to Strengthen Cyber Forensics in India in general and Cyber Forensics Capabilities of India in particular.

To strengthen the Cyber Forensics Initiatives of Perry4Law and PTLB, we have been managing the Exclusive Techno Legal Cyber Security Research And Development Centre Of India (CSRDCI), National Cyber Security Database of India (NCSDI), Cyber Crimes Investigation Centre of India (CCICI), Centre Of Excellence On Cyber Security In India and many more Techno Legal Initiatives.

Some of the Techno Legal Services that we provide include Cyber Law, Cyber Security and Cyber Forensics “Cross Examinations”, “Expert Testimonies”, “Techno-Legal Consultations”, “Legal Consultancy”, Cyber Forensics Investigation Solutions, Hidden Internet Forensics, IP Address Spoofing Defenses, and other similar Services and Litigation Support for these areas.

We also provide “Techno-Legal” help for Cyber Forensics Issues, Digital Evidence Recovery, E-Discovery, E-Mail IP Tracking, IP Tracking, Data Recovery, Malware Investigation, Hacking Investigation, Cyber Security, Forensically Sound Data Collection, etc.

If you need our Professional Services, you may Contact Us along with payment of our Professional Fees and Charges. See the Binding Legal Agreement before Contacting Us.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Techno-Legal Cyber Forensics Services In India

Forensics is the process of using scientific knowledge for collecting, analysing, and presenting evidence to the courts. (The word forensics means “to bring to the court.”). Going by this definition, Cyber Forensics means bringing admissible digital evidence before the court.

Cyber Forensics v. E-Discovery

Despite popular belief, Cyber Forensics is different from E-Discovery, Digital Recovery or other synonymous terms. Cyber Forensics primarily caters the “Legal Requirements” whereas E-Discovery meets the requirements of private individuals and organizations.

Take an example of a security breach like hacking in an organisation.

The management of the organisation decides to trace the origin of this breach. After proper analysis they come to know about the source of that breach. Till this stage it is only an E-Discovery. The management can take whatever preventive or remedial measure as it may deem fit.

If the management decides to take a “Legal Action” against the offender, it has to prove the acquired digital evidence before the Court of Law. Mere E-Discovery may not be enough to prove the guilt of the accused as legal requirements regarding evidence and procedural laws must also be complied with. When the E-Discovery is “Law Compliant” it becomes “Cyber Forensics”.

Similarly, there are certain laws that require individuals and organisation to exercise “Cyber Law Due Diligence” and “Statutory Cyber Law Compliances”. These requirements may fall either in the category of E-Discovery or Cyber Forensics as per the facts and circumstances of each case.

Live v. Dead Forensics

Cyber Forensics may be live or dead. Traditionally, Cyber Forensics Investigations were performed after pulling the plug and then subsequently imaging the media under investigation. The contemporary practice is to perform live analysis to get useful volatile data that is lost the moment a computer is turned off or after the pulling of the plug.

Cyber Forensics Services Of Perry4Law


Perry4Law is the “First and Exclusive” Techno-Legal and Cyber Forensics Firm of India and one of the Best in the World. Its “Professional Services” are not only unique but also matchless. It provides a wide variety of Techno-Legal Service including Cyber Forensics Services. Being the only Cyber Forensics Firm of India and Techno Legal Cyber Law Firm of India, it has developed “Domain Specific” Cyber Forensics Capabilities and Expertise.

Policy And Law Making


Perry4Law has been playing a decisive role in the enactment and amendment of various Techno-Legal Laws in India. For instance, it has played a crucial role in the strengthening the Information Technology Act, 2000 (IT Act, 2000) of India by suggesting useful provisions regarding Cyber Terrorism in India, Data Protection Law in India, Obscenity and Pornography Provisions, etc. At the same time it has also advised the Government of India (GOI) not to violate the “Civil Liberties” of the Indian Citizens by unreasonable and unconstitutional provisions in the IT Act, 2000.

Perry4Law has also played a key role in suggesting useful provisions regarding Cyber Security in India and Cyber Forensics in India. It has also provided Guidelines and Policies for Protecting and Safeguarding the Critical ICT Infrastructure Protection in India. Besides, it has been providing ICT Trends of India for many years and is the only Firm that has provided ICT Strategies of India to the GOI.

We have been providing ICT trends in India since 2005-06. The ICT Trends in India 2009 and subsequent trends have discussed both the positive and negative aspects of Indian ICT Policies and Strategies.

Perry4Law and Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) have also provided Cyber Crimes Trends in India 2012, Cyber Law Trends in India 2012, Cyber Security Trends in India 2012, etc. Previous years trends have also been provided by Perry4Law and PTLB to give various stakeholders a good look of Cyber Forensics And ICT Environment of India.

Legal Enablement Of ICT Systems In India

Perry4Law has provided a good Legal Framework for Information Society in India by suggesting suitable provisions for Legal Enablement of ICT Systems in India. While stressing upon a strong Cyber Law it has also stressed upon the importance of robust Cyber Security and effective Cyber Forensics Capabilities. Perry4Law has also provided a framework for E-Courts in India that are not only technically viable but also legally sustainable.

Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies

Perry4Law has provided its suggestion regarding Legal Enablement Of Law Enforcement And Intelligence Agencies In India. It has also provided its suggestions regarding Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) of India, National Intelligence Grid (Natgrid) Project of India, Central Monitoring System (CMS) Project of India, etc. Measures for effective and strong Wireless Security and prevention against Cyber Crimes and Cyber Terrorism have also been suggested by it.

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Briefly speaking, Perry4Law provides Domain Specific Techno-Legal Litigation and Consultancy Services in various fields like Cyber Laws in India, Cyber Security in India, Computer Security in India, Cyber Forensics in India, Cyber War in India, Computer Forensics in India, Cyber Terrorism in India, Critical Infrastructure Protection in India, Critical ICT Infrastructure Protection in India, Legal Enablement of ICT Systems in India, Legal Framework for Information Society in India, Cyber Law Compliances in India, Due Diligence Compliances in India, Techno-Legal ADR and ODR in India, etc. Perry4Law is the Best Techno-Legal Cyber Law and Cyber Forensics Firm in India and one of the best in the World. It has the best Cyber Law Consultants in India/Worldwide. For Professional Cyber Law, Cyber Security, Cyber Forensics and other Techno-Legal Professional Services, you may “Contact Us” with necessary details and our Professional Fees and Charges. Kindly see the "Binding Legal Agreement" before Contacting Us.

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cyber Forensics In India

This is a Unique and Exclusive Techno-Legal Cyber Forensics Initiative Of India. It is supported by Perry4Law, Perry4Law’s Techno Legal Base (PTLB), Perry4Law Techno Legal ICT Training Centre (PTLITC) and other Techno-Legal Initiatives of Perry4Law. The aim of this Blog is to Strengthen Cyber Forensics in India in general and Cyber Forensics Capabilities of India in particular.